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     For some time now, scammer have been disguising themselves as computer technicians from either Microsoft or other third-party companies that claim they have received messages that your PC has many viruses, spyware, malware, etc. These scam artists even take you to an event utility in your PC that shows many error messages. What the hackers do not want you to know is that all PC’s have this event viewer with messages that to the normal PC user can look intimidating, however, they usually are of no importance. The unknowing consumer pays their flat-fee around $200 to have these issue resolved and to have virus protection installed.


     What our iFix Agents are discovering is that they are using free software that pretty much credence to the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” These free programs do nothing to prevent viruses from invading your PC and these scammers are rolling in the cash. Another discovery we made is that they are gaining access to personal information and financial documents. Once these scammers obtain access, they open a door giving them admission whenever they please.


     iFix PC’s has been contacted by several consumers who have fallen victim to these swindlers. Their horror stories inspired us to write this article. Taking what they have told us and what we believe is the best way to combat these cyber-intruders; we have compiled a few good steps to prevent this from happening to you.

Don’t Be Confused – We actually Fix PC’s!

By: Michael Nowicki     March 26, 2019


     It has come to our attention that there is a company in Canada that is copyright infringing on our business name – ‘iFix PC’s’. The name of this business is ‘Global Infotechs’ who uses ‘iFix PC’s 247’ in their marketing, advertising, and website (www.iFixPC247.com). The loophole is this company is located in Canada, and there is nothing a registered business in the United States can do to keep them from using our name. In addition, our pending Trademark Serial Number cannot help us if a business is located in Canada; it is out of the United States’ jurisdiction.  We have tried several times to contact them and asked them to ‘Cease and Desist’ and were redirected to a circle of mangers. We were transferred from a sales manager, to a floor manager, to a store manager, to a floor manager, then to a sales manager – I do not know the different between all these managers. The only thing that was clear is that there was no way we were going to be able to speak with the owner.

Beware of Computer Scammers from India and Beyond!

By: Michael Nowicki          January 3, 2019

     Several ways to help avoid these scams are if the caller claims to be from Microsoft – they're not! Microsoft only specializes in the software used on your PC and do not solve problems like Viruses and Spyware. Most computer repair companies do not solicit business over the phone. Another red flag in detecting these hackers is if they offer a flat rate and only accept personal checks, cash, or money-orders – it is most likely a scam. Finally, another great way to detect these con artists is simply to avoid a company that you cannot meet and see the company, or the person who is fixing your computer. The best tip is simply avoiding computer repair telephone solicitors. Bring your PC to a reputable repair company where you can interact with the company and employees.


     The personal computer has become a vital part in our daily lives and we must protect it. Granting access to your PC from someone who you cannot see can have very severe consequences. The best way to avoid these scammers from India and else ware is just to avoid them when they call, if they claim they are receiving messages that your PC is infected with viruses they are lieing. Think about it, your PC would not send a message to India asking to be fixed for a flat rate of $199 but only accept cash or check. Consumers beware!

     The real reason for bringing this to the attention of our readers is that the stories we heard about this company are alarming. We have received several calls from consumers who mistake us with this ‘IFIXPC247’ company; claiming that they paid us several hundred dollars to have their computer repaired and all we did was install free virus software and basically did nothing. We informed these disgruntled folks of the situation of mistaken identity – once they knew we were from New Jersey and the other company is from Canada, the did admit to remembering that the company they did pay did tell them they were in Canada. This is terribly similar to the scammers from India who claim to be tech support or from Microsoft just to gain access to your PC to steal important information while they charge you money.

     We are greatly upset by this company who is tarnishing our reputation. We are a legitimate company who is a registered business with the State of New Jersey and are in the process of trademarking our business name; pride ourselves on great work and customer service. To have a company that is scamming people in the United States by not providing the work they claim is simply fraudulent and unethical. They are hurting our iFix PC’s business name by providing the confusion that we are somehow the same company.


     We would like the general public to know we are not associate with any company that is using the ‘iFix’ prefix in their business names and we are only located in the town of Millburn, in New Jersey, in the United States of America. If you fall victim to these fraudulent companies, please contact your better business bureau or equivalent, and contact your local authorities and report them!



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