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Beware of computer repair telephone scams!

It has come to our attention that there are incidents involving groups of individuals using a similar name to ours (IFIX PC 24x7), and various other computer repair company names in tech support scams. Individuals with middle eastern accents claiming they are from these companies are creating web pages that cannot be closed, known as pop-ups, which state their computer is infected with a virus. The pop-up then gives a 1-800 number to call to have the fake virus removed. There have been other reports of the scammers contacting the public at random stating they received a message from their computer that it is infected with a virus. The scammers next direct you to the 'Event Viewer', which to any normal computer user may look like a legitmate problem. They pretend to remove the virus then ask for payment.


The scammers charge anywhere from $300 - $600 for a subscription (sometimes offering lifetime protection), and ask for a personal check or money order to be mailed to the address: 31 Kidbrook Road, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6P 2A6.


iFix PC's does not solicit business over the phone. We will not contact anyone who has not previously contacted us. iFix PC's is not associated with I FIX PC 247 and Repair ALL PC.


If you have received one of these calls, we recommend filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission, and your local police department.


You may contact the FTC on the web or by phone:





Note: The company in question uses the name I FIX PC 247, also doing business as Repair All PC, and I FIX PC. The  claim to be located in 31 Kidbrook Rd. Brampton Ontario, Canada; also in Ohio, USA; or India. If you were contacted, please file a report with the FTC and your local police department. Our legal team is investigating as this is an infringement on our US Trademark.



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