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The iFix Support Resource provides a self-help center to locate drivers and resources for their PCs, Printers, and Peripherals.


Choose the corresponding brand and search your product's model to locate tutorials, guides, and files.

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* iFix PC's is currently in the process of creating a directory of downloads in one location containing support files, downloads, applications, and updates for the most essential software needed to browse the interenet and have your computer running properly such as DirectX, Adobe, and much more. Please check back for more updates on this valuable resource! *

Microsoft support offers many helpful links to solve problems you may encounter. Browse for operating system and software support, or PC updates.

Apple Support is available to all of their customers for your iPad, iMac,  Macbook, or iPhone. Included are drivers, downloads, and self-help files.

Visit Dell Support for many valuable resources for your Dell Computer or Printer, which includes Drivers, Firmware, and Support.

View HP Support Site for downloads, drivers, and support for all of your HP Products.

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